Major November 2014 Transits

Most Important Upcoming Planetary Transits: November 2014 By Nicholas T. Dahlheim

Planets in SignsSun  

Sun in Scorpio (♏8°29’10” on November 1, 2014 GMT 12:00 AM) The Sun will spend the first 22 calendar days of November in Scorpio. As the Sun traverses the final 20 degrees of Scorpio, the second and third decanates (periods of approximately 10 days) of Scorpio will exert stronger influence. Autumn has been fully present for over five weeks since the fall equinox in late September. In the temperate latitudes, most of the deciduous trees and shrubs have trees whose leaves have changed color and many trees are also beginning to lose their leaves. The bright, fresh autumn air experienced during the Sun’s time in Libra is giving way to the emotion-laden time of recollection and reflection signaled by the Sun’s entry into Scorpio. Here at the midpoint of autumn, winter is not so far away in the future, so there is an added urgency that lends intensity to finishing the projects of the year. This is also a great time to explore sexuality, as Scorpio has a uniquely powerful connection to everything erotic. The second decan of Scorpio, beginning November 2, is the Pisces Decante and is influenced by dreamy Neptune. The elemental power of water is especially prominent here in the second decanate as both Scorpio as the fixed water sign and Pisces as the mutable water sign are at work. Neptune can provide a fertile ground for the imagination, but there is a strong temptation under Neptunian influence to seek escapism or to fall into and/or relapse into addictive patterns. Persons who have struggled with addictions to objects like drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc. ought to exercise particular caution in the opening days of November. Oftentimes the desire to escape into fantasy, which is only partially and tantalizingly fulfilled via addictive behaviors, indicates a heart that is vulnerable and in need of spiritual soul-work. Awareness of the weaknesses that impel one to seek escape are also invitations to grow, but grow “down” and plant deeper roots. Just as trees in arid steppes and deserts in need of water grow roots which are long and deep, so should people look for opportunities to grow “down” and root themselves deeper in their own individual souls. People should seek out people in their lives who can show tenderness in the midst of personal vulnerability. Take those people who can keep a secret into your confidence, and avoid those who gossip about mindless trivia as they may not guard another person’s emotions with the appropriate care. Pay attention to planets present in Pisces in the natal chart. Additionally, pay attention to aspects in the natal chart that Neptune makes with other planets. The energies and dynamics of Neptune most accentuated by these aspects will be most active in the Psyche. The third decan of Scorpio, beginning November 12, is the Cancer Decanate and is influenced by the decanate rulership of the Moon. The elemental power of water is prominent as the cardinal water sign Cancer lends its lunar energy. Manifestation and moving closer to fulfilling one’s “destiny” are strong themes for this period of the month. The emotional pull here is actually stronger in this third decanate thanks to the Moon. Emotional intensity will be greater and impel from the depths that a person move in a true direction. However, where that emotional intensity is inflected by strong memories of home—whether they are of genuine nostalgic over-attachment or of the trauma from unmet needs for security and acceptance—there is the potential for struggle. Emotional resonances with the experiences each individual has with their mothers or primary care-givers early in life vibrate strongly during this decanate. During this time, the individual’s own emotional intensity can be magnified by the Moon’s tendency to cause excessive absorption (often unconsciously so) of the moods of others. In a fast-paced, often manic, 21st century consumerist society where attention becomes the currency and where desire is inflamed for the purpose of circulating commodities, society is bathed in the presence of the collective’s anima, what Jung described as the truer aspect of the other side of the dual self unexpressed by the public personae people wear out in the world. The upside of all of the watery energy and the powerful influence of the Moon here is that the lingering energies from the powerful October 23 total lunar eclipse (albeit one which was more visible in the Eastern Hemisphere) under a New Moon lends a kind of freshness. Past and present emotional turbulence can be viewed with a new clarity and, as such, the enhanced power of the Moon offers an opportunity for developing a deepened emotional intelligence. Purified from emotional turbulence, navigating the collective unconscious and modulating the absorption of others becomes easier.

Sun in Sagittarius (♐8°42’04” on November 30, 2014 GMT 11:59 PM) On November 22, the Sun will enter Sagittarius around midday. Sagittarius embodies the elements of Mutable Fire. The heavy emotionality of Scorpio’s energy is lifted and allows for greater independence in the pursuit of loftier personal ideas under fiery Sagittarius. Pursuit of activities which magnify a sense of personal freedom becomes much easier. Similarly, choosing the right settings to invigorate others and in turn be so energized becomes both easier and more important as the Sun enters Sagittarius. The values Sagitarius places upon personal freedom tends to support the ideals of justice more broadly. High spiritual ideals and the drive to live more in accord with them, even when such drives lend themselves to an expression of eccentricity, predominate here. Wise optimism inspires others to respect the unique individuality of each person, especially when they are expressing their faith in their own purpose and future life goals. During the rest of November, the Sun will spend time in the first decan of Sagittarius co-ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter encourages openness, frankness, and an adventurous spirit strongly tempered with compassion. Mercury lends this adventurous spirit a distinctly metaphysical bent. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, directs Sagittarian energy towards spiritual healing and the wisdom of ancient times and indigenous cultures. Foreign cultures and the natural beauty of distant places can offer powerful points of inspiration. Sagittarian energy placed here in the first decan inspires both teaching and learning. This is a time to teach others from a unique vantage point of the wisdom gained through personal experience. This is a time to lead by example in leading a more balanced life wherein personal authenticity and inner goals can be more clearly manifested. Forthrightness will be rewarded, even if such forthrightness can be disconcerting to others at first. People will recognize authenticity more clearly, and those who are in-tune with their inner fire to be unique individuals on a specific life-path will shine brightest. Those with ulterior motives who tend to be two-faced, whether consciously or unconsciously so, will also be more easily exposed during the Sun’s placement in this decan during the final days of November. Those with inclinations toward worrying need to feel free to take a few more chances and embark on new journeys and projects, leaving their ultimate outcomes in the hands of fate. Those with already strong Jupiterian energies and aspects in their natal chart need to be cautious in avoiding being excessive risk-takers overtaken by grandiose ambition. Aspects, particularly to planets and signs with the element of Earth and its grounding energies, can be helpful here.

Mercury in Libra (☿in ♎ from November 1, 2014 GMT 12:00 AM—November 8, 2014 GMT 11:09 PM)   Mercury will spend the first eight days of November in Libra, the Cardinal Air Sign. Most of this period coincides with the Sun’s presence in the second decan of Scorpio where escapism and even addictive behavior can rear their ugly heads but so too can greater insight born from embracing vulnerability. Libra’s constant weighing and evaluating in the service of greater equity and justice enhances receptivity towards the pain of others and in particular where that pain can be remedied by redress from wrongdoers. Yet, the emotional energy of the Sun in Scorpio can drag Mercury in Libra to be indecisive—there are too many options, and the act of making a choice itself “feels” unfair. Indecisiveness because of endless vacillation presents a real danger here. The airiness of Mercury here can lead to a kind of mental laziness and the emotionality of the Sun’s position Scorpio often taxes mental energy more quickly.

Mercury in Scorpio (☿ in ♏from November 8, 2014 GMT 11:10 PM—November 28, 2014 GMT 2:28 AM) Mercury will enter Scorpio and gradually approach the Sun in Scorpio; and although they will not become close enough to form a conjunction this November, Mercury will enhance the energies of Scorpio over the latter two-thirds of November. And nowhere will that energy be felt more strongly than during the middle third of November when the Sun is still in Scorpio alongside Mercury in Scorpio. During this November, frequent self-expression from a point of view of clear thinking, even when clarity seems emotionally difficult will be especially important. Mercury will accompany any engagement the depths of the soul and finding a way to bring those depths up to the surface and sharing them with the right people. The intensity of the journey into the scary netherworlds experienced when emotionally vulnerability can sometimes make for difficulty in being equally receptive to others as others are to the one initiating communication. Nevertheless, November 2014 offers great opportunity to express from a place of grounding in the self and with great personal authenticity. There is an almost electric quality to your communication as the truth of the depths resonates with others as the collective unconscious is infused with Scorpio’s energy. The ability to learn and absorb information, particularly through intuition, will be enhanced. Considering Scorpio’s position as “lower”, Mercury’s shared position with the Sun here means that those persons “higher” in given social hierarchies and organizations will be more receptive to those “lower” in rank. More generally, communication between men will be more enhanced than communication between men and women or between women and women.

Mercury in Sagittarius (☿in ♐ November 28, 2014 GMT 2:29 AM—November 30, 2014 GMT 11:59) The last two days of November, Mercury will enter Sagittarius and continue to move closer in degrees to the Sun. Mercury in Sagittarius lends greater clarity to expressing personal goals and to relaying thrilling discoveries to others. People radiate enthusiasm and are frequently conversant with others. Yet, expression of goals and their execution are not the synonymous. The airiness of Mercury fans the flames of Sagittarius and they can wreak havoc on personal organization. It’s important to prepare for the Mercury in Sagittarius which will appear at the end of the month. From the emotional work and the self-expression which dominate because of the energies of Scorpio, must come a clarity which spurs practical steps towards greater organization. Clean the office and de-clutter spaces from useless old papers and documents.

Venus in Scorpio conjunct Sun in Scorpio (♀ in ♏ November 1, 2014 GMT 12:00 AM—November 16, 2014 GMT 8:00 PM) The first half of November will feature both Venus and the Sun being in Scorpio together with Venus and the Sun going from 10° apart at the beginning of the month to an orb of 4.5° just as Venus exits Scorpio for Sagittarius. Under the Venus transit through Scorpio, the adoption of a loving attitude will make people appear more beautiful. And for those people who are close to one another, the combination of a loving attitude with emotional vulnerability can enhance these relationships by bringing people closer together. In some cases, plumbing the depths in Scorpio can lead to amicable parting of ways or mutual decisions to place distance between one another. The aura of sentimentality and tenderness that Venusian energy lends, a cosmic energy that will increase as the Sun and Venus grow closer throughout the month, will make individuals more attractive. Furthermore, this marks an excellent time to improve appearances and manner. Invest in new fashions, especially items that appeal to how you want your sensuality expressed. The sometimes rough deep sensuality of Scorpio is modulated by Venus’s conjunction with the Sun. The cosmos favors those who engage in the charming, caring, and attractive sides of their personalities. The temptation of Scorpio is to immerse oneself in desires, fears, passions, and especially jealousies; Venusian energy will blunt that and aid in exploring the depths opened up by Scorpio’s energy. True loyalties and passions that tug most deeply at the heart will become ever more clear. The light of the Sun will give great power to self-examination of the heart, especially when pertaining to love and sex.

Mercury and Venus conjunctions in both Scorpio and Sagittarius (November 28, 2014—November 30, 2014) This powerful transit can have a variety of effects. The attraction to beauty, and especially the communicative expression of beauty’s ineffability via art and music will dominate this transit at the end of the month. In the context of being well-balanced and in touch with how you value aesthetics as an individual, Mercury’s closeness to Venus can inspire you to tell them of your desire for a romantic relationship. Mercury will still be in-touch with Scorpio’s deep subterranean, watery energy while Venus will crackle with Sagittarian fire. What ordinarily would remain concealed in the deep recesses of the heart will be escored out of the soul’s underworld by Mercury and shine forth with a clarity provided it by Venusian energy. Mercury’s mental energy combines with the aesthetic sensibility of Venus to make this a strongly mental transit, but one where the emotions more easily align with the busy and creative intellect. Your work, especially if it is in the arts, will reflect your inner beauty and communicate your individuality. Similarly, Mercury’s influence will also help develop an appreciation for the unity of the Cosmos, an energy that leads towards greater objectivity when approaching research projects. On a related note, this transit is often favorable for all sorts of business dealings and financial prospects. Venus in Scorpio sextile Mars in Capricorn (♀ in ♏ sextile ♂ in ♑ November 2, 2014 GMT 12:00 PM—November 15, 2014 GMT 12:00 PM) This transit proves favorable towards the formation of friendships and even for love relationships, though the sextile aspect made between Venus and Mars in the first half of the month of November is a less powerful favorable aspect than trines or conjunctions. An even, well-balanced flow of sexual and romantic energies finds your way into life. A great deal of passion is not necessarily required in order to find a loving partner or mate. Indeed falling too strongly for such passion is not advised as Venus is in a detrimental placement when in Scorpio where overly strong romantic desires and sexual urges can be frustrating at best, degrading at worst. Creative activities find a boost by this transit, especially if these activities focus on beautifying your surroundings. As Mars is in Capricorn, the sign governing work, beautifying the office can bring unintended pleasant benefits. Similarly, this is also a time to open up a little bit at work and take advantage of the opportunity to balance the need for self-assertion and relatability—strengthening relationships with co-workers may yield personal benefits as well as strategic career rewards. Opening up to become a better co-worker in the eyes of others at the office or on-site can allow for new, innovative projects to materialize.

Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo: (♀ in ♏ square ♃ in ♌ November 9, 2014 GMT 3:51 AM– November 13, 2014 GMT 5:28 PM) This square between Venus and Jupiter, which will be at its strongest on November 9, is agreeable but not especially strong for a square aspect. Venus in Scorpio is in its detriment, and here fantasies and urges can bring a person down into sloth and addiction. Jupiter’s placement in Leo (making the square with Venus) is in a placement in a fire sign and gains dignity from the fact that Jupiter also rules by triplicity in the fire sign of Sagittarius. That Venus and Jupiter form a square aspect means that you will feel inspired to do any activity that brings about personal enjoyment. However, duties and chores will feel extra burdensome. Taking advantage of the creative energies in the Venus-Mars sextile transit, especially in the November 1-8 and November 14-15 period may be useful as Jupiter’s sense of good fortune will weaken self-discipline otherwise. Be wary of indulging in rich, sweet foods if adhering to a diet. Similarly, be wary of overspending on expensive items. Struggling against any tendency towards lack of self-discipline during this Venus-Jupiter square can bring results, especially in matters of business and finance. Good feelings you have will rub off on others around you, and most people will enjoy your company. But beware of subtle arrogance borne of complacently thinking everything you touch will turn into gold—the Midas touch is an illusion.

Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio: (♃ in ♌ square ♄ in ♏ November 1, 2014 GMT 12:00 AM—November 22, 2014 GMT 05:46 AM) This weakening dynamic square alignment ending November 22 between Jupiter and Saturn favors making many life adjustments separating oneself from people and/or circumstances that are doing no good. Standards of behavior you set for yourself and moral principles are reset to make them more in accord with reality under the disciplining influence of Saturn. Although other transits lead to favorable interactions, making friends, and tapping into creative energy; the Jupiter-Saturn square brings an underlying though gradually diminishing sense of tension throughout most of the first two-thirds of November. Keeping time for solitude and reflection is still important, especially as reflection will be important for determining where to cut back and conserve energy. Patience and care will be rewarded, especially in money matters, considering that the Sun and Venus will also share Saturn’s position in Scorpio over long periods this month. Provided Saturn’s limiting, disciplining effects are heeded through solitary introspection, Jupiter will bring great fortune if you know your limits and can maneuver to take a new opportunity. Do not be hesitant to take on a new opportunity or a new job provided self-awareness rather than impulse drives the decision. Patience and prudence will do more to move you forward than any rash decision-making.


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